Why Donald Trump Calling the NFL Players “S.O.B’s” was Really a Slam on Black Moms Everywhere

Let’s not even get started about the undertone of white supremacy at the very root of his tweets insinuating black NFL players should somehow feel beholden to their white team owners. No, what Donald Trump did this past month was far worse, far more insidious. He talked shit about the NFL players mamas. You just don’t do that. Ever.  It’s beyond crossing the line. It’s taking a hyper-train past it. And you really don’t talk about a black persons mama. We really catch feelings about our mama. Like Charlie Murphy said it’s like back during the era when you challenged someone to a duel if they slapped you across the face with a leather glove. After that, somebody had to go. When you call someone a son of a bitch you are literally calling their mother some mangy dog who gave birth to them on a pile of urine-soaked rags in a freezing outhouse in Kansas. Why Kansas? Have you ever been to Kansas? Donald Trump didn’t do the unthinkable, mind you. I’m sure he’s saving his mushroom cloud interpretive dance for his last act but he did talk shit about another black dude’s mother. And we know black moms are fly so he might have fucked up worse than anything Muller might bring down on him as he has now fully got the side eye of most black women in America. Well, most black women except for these two fools:  
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Diamond (left) and Silk have become outspoken supporters of Donald Trump. Rick Wilking/Reuters
  Speaking of moms, let’s end on a positive note. Check out some of my favorite TV mom’s from the past:

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