Designer Dressing On A Bargain Basement Budget

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Let’s face it—our taste in fashion often exceeds the flavor of our bank accounts. If you find yourself living on ramen noodles and pizza rolls just so that you can afford that Prada bag or the hottest new designer coat of the season, you may need to rethink your priorities. Instead of falling deep into debt by adding designer duds to your closet, be smart about your shopping! There are deals to be found around every corner for authentic, quality designer merchandise. The key to finding these awesome deals is to do your research–and shop at a bargain basement! Once you’re able to identify designer items by their look, feel, and materials, you will be less likely to be ripped off by buying a clever fake.

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Here’s the thing. The bargain basement–thrift store, second-hand store–whatever you call it, is one of the best sources for any season’s hottest designer clothing. This shopping hack is well-known by fashionistas all over the world. There are a variety of these bargain basement stores that specialize in a variety of different items. Some stores are strictly fashion outlets that supply the fabulous on a budget with quality designer items that look like they came straight off the runway. Other basement stores specialize in accessories or sporting apparel, so you can hit the mall or hit the slopes looking as gorgeous as you deserve. The most popular of these bargain basement stores is Poshmark, although they are by no means the only player. Others such as Buffalo Exchange, Tradesy and the RealReal are also very good sources of discount designer finds

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Get with the trend of online shopping and use the trusty ol’ internet to find excellent designer deals. Websites that specialize in liquidating stock provide a fabulous way to find those must-have items ranging from shoes to accessories to clothing. is a great example of a liquidation website, but keep in mind their stock is extremely limited—often only a couple of pieces.

The motto of “you see it, you like it, you buy it” should always come into play, since you may miss out on that great designer deal if you wait. Online auction sites have proved to be the next best thing in finding designer items at a bargain basement price. The popularity of Ebay and Facebook Marketplace has made shopping for anything under the sun—including designer shades, bags, shoes, and clothing—a great deal easier!

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