XHDATA D-328 FM/AM Shortwave Radio with MP3 Player


Being squarely in my 40s I’m old enough to remember short wave radios.  They were ubiquitous in grandparents’ and other random old people’s homes. They seemed to receive the oddest channels, which for a young, weird music head like myself was always an experience. There’s something nostalgic about the muffled sounds of an FM/AM shortwave radio with a talk show or baseball game droning from it, something that only kids born before 1990 may remember. This popular item from the 70s is making a comeback. Capture college radio stations on the go, or play your own tunes with the MP3 Function because, despite this being a retro site, we are still in the future.

United States
XHDATA D-328 FM/AM Shortwave Radio with MP3 Player

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