Classic NES Wireless Retro Game Stick

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This Classic NES Wireless Retro Game Stick is a lil’ retro and a lil’ new, kind of like two generations in one. The setup is extremely simple. To connect your Classic NEW Wireless Retro Game Stick, connect the game console to the HD interface of the TV, connect the USB-powered data cable to the body unit, and adjust the TV source to the HD channel to display the game list screen on the TV. The controller can be remotely controlled by plugging in the battery. It’s simple and will provide you hours of fun playing old 8-bit hits like Donkey Kong, Pac Man and Mario Bros.

  • Supports one or two players to play games at the same time. Portable Y2 HD video game console, built-in 568 classic games.
  • Simple Design, Easy Plug and Play method. The wireless controller control range is about 8m.

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