Vintage Cast Iron Skillet


Cast iron skillets are old school. I mean Dixie land, cooking-corn-meal-cakes-in lard old school. They are also good for whipping at lovers with wandering eyes or gangsters who come knocking at your door too early in the morning. Get this vintage cast iron skillet if you’re heavy into soul food and seasoning, as these babies can last a lifetime if treated right. This beauty is already pre-seasoned so all it needs is a light wipe after each use.

1. Unbeatable insulation and even heating.
2. Use an oven, stove, grill or bonfire at home.
3. Easy care: hand wash, dry, wipe with cooking oil.
4. A tool suitable for grilling, frying, roasting, roasting, stewing, frying or grilling.
5. Applicable to gas furnaces Induction cooker Lusu furnace Electric ceramic stove Electric furnace Open flame.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Cast Iron Skillet
Material: Gray Cast Iron
Color: Black
Diameter: Approx. 16cm / 6.3in, 20cm / 7.9in (Optional)
Weight: Approx. 786-1300g / 27.7-45.9oz

Package list:
1 * Cast Iron Skillet


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