Tamagotchi Virtual Pet


Tamagotchi Virtual Pet (HD Color Screen) 

If you were one of those kids back in the 1990’s who begged your parents for a Tamagotchi virtual pet I’ve got good news for you. Your favorite time killer is back from the dead, this time in HD color. Of course, there are some new bells and whistles on this version, Like a color screen, for starters, along with additional activities and a mobile app to assist you in your adoption of an annoying, excessively demanding pixel beast. The core elements of the original Tamagotchi virtual pet remain unchanged, however. There are still just the three buttons, the classic egg shape, and a requirement to spend an inordinate amount of time fiddling with a sniveling, soothingly colored whatsit from birth til death.

HD Color Screen.
Online Interaction.
English Menu Selection.

Feed it, clean up after it and take care of it!
This set includes one Tamagochi virtual pet on a chain to take with you everywhere you go!
The smaller version Tamagochi electronic gaming toy resembles the original digital pet.
Many functions. Feeding, caring, school, working , shopping, vegetables, games, dating, marry, donation, pawning and tourism.

Material: Plastic
Color: Red, Blue
Size: 50x65x30mm

Package Includes:
1 * Tamagochi virtual pet ( AAA 1.5V *2 not included)
1 * User Manual

United States
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Tamagotchi Virtual Pet
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