Divoom Ditoo-Plus Retro Speaker


Looking for a speaker that captures an 80s aesthetic you likely only saw on TV, even if you never lived through the 80s? With the Divoom Ditoo-Plus Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Portable Speaker, you can play retro-style pixel games, remix or record your favorite track with the DJ mixer, or even chat with your friends with the built-in microphone; everything is possible through the companion APP—Divoom. Ditoo offers you and your friends many ways to have some old-school fun! 

360°Surround Sound!

Ditoo delivers a powerful 360°sound through its fine-tuned driver and a mind-blowing bass radiator. The seamless surround provides an immersive audio experience that will cover your entire room!

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Divoom Ditoo-Plus Retro Speaker
$104.00$235.00 Select options
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