Bruce LeRoy Last Dragon Sticker


When you’ve got the glow, you feel the one. When you’ve got the glow, your bodies gold, so don’t let go of the emotion.

–The Glow, according to Willie Hutch

If you’ve never seen the Last Dragon you’ve never lived life. If you don’t know who Vanity is, or Bruce Leroy, you’re probably a young Millenial who’s never lived in the 80s. We’re not faulting you, cuz, you know, Millenials have The Glow too.

  • White or transparent
  • Grey adhesive left side for white stickers
  • Four sizes to choose from
  • Only PNG design format supported
  • For indoor use
  • Not waterproof

2" × 2"3" × 3"4" × 4"6" × 6"
Bruce LeRoy Last Dragon Sticker
$2.31$3.70 Select options
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