10/66/PCS Anime Car Decal


Here’s something that may (or may not) be so well-known–anime is retro as f**k. Per Britannica.com:

Modern anime began in 1956 and found lasting success in 1961 with the establishment of Mushi Productions by Osamu Tezuka, a leading figure in modern manga, the dense, novelistic Japanese comic book style that contributed greatly to the aesthetic of anime. 

Show your love for one of Japan’s most iconic art styles with our 10/66/PCS Japan JDM Racing Car Anime Decal Stickers set!

Features: 2.5-inch Stickers (No Duplicates!); 100% Vinyl PVC, Waterproof, Non-Toxic

10PCS Mixed Version66PCS Mixed Version
10/66/PCS Anime Car Decal
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